Exporter of PP Compounds in Mumbai
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Exporter of PP Compounds in Mumbai Exporter of PP Compounds in Mumbai
Exporter of PP Compounds in Mumbai Natural & Eco-Friendly

Exporter of PP Compounds in Mumbai

Exporter of PP Compounds in Mumbai Exporter of PP Compounds in Mumbai
Exporter of PP Compounds in Mumbai

We are offering polypropylene (PP) compound, which is processed from acrylonitrile and polymerizing styrene in the existence of polybutadiene. Features that include high impact resistance, long lasting utilization and stability makes our product suitable to use for extrusion process and injecting molding. Moreover, we are also providing personalization services to the customers in custom colored classes with glass FRP and various other properties in accordance to their specific requirements.

PP Compounds has the advantages of excellent comprehensive properties, like good chemical stability, good processibility and relatively low cost, PP can adapt to a wider range of applications requirements through modifying methods, such as grafting, blending, reinforcement, flame retardance, weather resistance.

PP Compounds (Polypropylene) is used for applications in the construction, electrical, medical device, automotive, furniture, and chemical and petrochemical processing industries. The properties are:

It is very light in weight.
Effectively modified.
Optimum medium flow and stiffness.
Elevated tensile medium effect.

At Doshi Group, we are committed to export a high-quality part that meets your expectations, is delivered on time and on budget all supported by superior customer service. Call today to see how we can help you!

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